12-Tone Diatonic Glockenspiel by Auris (KDH-012)



A semi advanced glockenspiel. Enables you to play music containing all whole-notes. For use in kindergarten, for musical games, storytelling, and much more.

12-tone diatonic glockenspiel (KDH-012): c’’’- d’’’- e’’’ – f’’’- g’’’- a’’’- h’’’-c’’’’- d’’’’- e’’’’

Comes with a rubber, a wooden and a hard plastic mallet. The hard mallet gives an extreme strong sound which enables you to use this glockenspiel together with regular instruments in an orchestra.

Materials: Maple wood, brass and beeswax coating
Size: 22 x 11 x 3.8 cm
Made in Sweden

About Auris Musical Instruments

The most significant and fundamental goal of Auris is to achieve harmony between what the ear hears, the hand feels and the eye sees. This is of out most importance, especially for a growing child. To have true acoustic stimulation of the senses musically, will harmonize and strengthen the whole human being.

Their product line covers all kinds of instruments, as well for schools therapy and family music as for professionals.

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