7-Tone Pentatonic Glockenspiel by Auris (KPQ)



A basic yet beautiful glockenspiel that is very suitable for introducing music to the child. For use at home, in kindergarten, for musical games, storytelling, and much more.  It will also serve as a very special, caring and thoughtful gift. 

Auris Pentatonic pure-fifths tuned 432 Hz

The pentatonic tuning is a basic musical phenomena. It consists of large second- and small third-interval steps. This scale enables the mixing of tones in any thinkable combination – yet it always plays heavenly, harmonic melodies. Pentatonic music is one of the most powerful tools to guide a child into the world of music.

In order to obtain an even warmer and more sonorous scale, this AURIS-Glockenspiel was tuned into a pure fifth-interval system. Adjusted to the pitch 432 Hz which is used by ear physicians and also recommended by the founder of the Waldorf school system, Rudolf Steiner, while harmonised with the biological function of the ear. The player will relax and build up inner energy.

7-tone pentatonic glockenspiel (KPH): d’’’-e’’’-g’’’-a’’’- b’’’-d’’’’-e’’’’, tuned to 432 Hz

Comes with one wooden and one rubber mallet.

Materials: Maple wood, brass and beeswax coating
Made in Sweden

About Auris Musical Instruments

The most significant and fundamental goal of Auris is to achieve harmony between what the ear hears, the hand feels and the eye sees. This is of out most importance, especially for a growing child. To have true acoustic stimulation of the senses musically, will harmonize and strengthen the whole human being.

Their product line covers all kinds of instruments, as well for schools therapy and family music as for professionals.

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