Inner Child Journeys

English books

By (author) Robin Grille

In simple, lay-person's terms, 'Inner Child Journeys' explains a safe, step-by-step method for understanding the emotional reactions triggered in us by our children, at all ages. This Process was tested and refined over many years by Australian psychologist Robin Grille, and it is based on sound neuropsychological principles. In its 'light' or 'in-depth' forms, this Inner Child Process can help you gain new and profound insights about yourself and about your children, honing your own intuition about what your children need in order to thrive. It will help you understand even your children's most baffling behaviors - via a better understanding of your own childhood experiences and how they've affected you. At the same time, this Process helps you to better understand your deepest emotional needs, and how to have those needs met. Ultimately, Inner Child Journeys are about healing long-held emotional wounds that are often brought to the surface through our interactions with our children. Most of us encounter, from time to time, significant challenges and difficult terrain in the course of parenting or educating our children. This Inner Child Process helps you engage with the most insurmountable challenges in your child-rearing endeavors, and turn those challenges into exciting and empowering personal-growth and healing opportunities for you. The book gives no advice about how to raise your children, nor how to educate your students. That's because this book helps you access your own inner knowledge, based on your own experiences as a child. The more you befriend your Inner Child, the more empathic and effective a parent you become. Your children benefit enormously as you grow. Written for parents, elders, schoolteachers and psychotherapists, this book shows you how to turn child-rearing into a most exciting and transformative personal growth and healing adventure. Indeed, 'our children grow us up'.

Publisher: Robin Grille Press
Pages: 340 pages
Size: 152 x 229 x 18mm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780648653509
Publication date: 01 Oct 2019

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