Wish Soup

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A Magical Journey for the heart

Wish Soup is a delightful collection of 12 seasonal tales for children of all ages. Filled with magic, adventure and a reverence for nature, these stories take the reader on a journey of discovery. Follow the characters through enchanted forests, rambling gardens and magical kingdoms, as they overcome challenges and experience the bond between the natural world and the human heart. Set amongst the unique beauty of Australia’s flora and fauna, these fun filled stories are sure to be read many times over.

This book will find resonance with the Steiner/Waldorf philosophy and with anyone seeking wholesome stories that children will love.

About the Author

Rachel Larmer comes to the world of books and publishing from an academic background in Psychology and studies in Naturopathy and Rudolf Steiner Education. From a young age she has always been a storyteller, keeping many precious words tucked away in journals & notebooks. Now, with the desire to share her stories with the world, she has decided to craft her words into beautiful children’s books. Rachel lives with her husband and two children in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Here, surrounded by the beauty of the Australian bush, she finds plenty of daily inspiration.

Please also see the author's sharing on the Importance of Storytelling.

About the Illustrator

Jo Lory born in New Zealand, Jo spent a lot of time climbing oak trees, playing in the wilderness garden, making up songs and of course drawing. Growing up on a farm nurtured her love for the land, animals and birds. At University she completed a Fine Arts degree before travelling overseas and working in Australia. Now, she lives in the ACT and has three sons. Wish Soup is her first collection of illustrations for children.

The Publisher's Environmental Commitment

Our environment is precious and Gold Blossom Books is dedicated to conservation. We are committed to using FSC certified 100% recycled paper for all of our books, as well as printing them right here in Australia.

We are also proud supporters of ACT for Bees – A non for profit group dedicated to educating people about the protection and conservation of our honey bees. Please visit their website at actforbees.wordpress.com to learn how you can make a difference in your own backyard. 

Publisher: Gold Blossom
Pages: 71
Size: 18.7x22.8cm 
Format: Paperback 
ISBN: 9780994274403
Publication date: 2015

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