Stockmar Four-Colour Pencils


Made in Germany

Unlacquered hexagonal
Length 175 mm
Diameter 10 mm
Lead 6.25 mm 

Stockmar Coloured Pencils come with 25 exceptionally luminous colours. The colours have a pleasantly natural effect and harmonize with one another. A special colour coordination system which is based on the extended colour circle of Goethe. For a greater effect, the colours can all be mixed together.

These unique Stockmar qualities of colour harmony offer you the possibility to create your own assortment. Any colours you choose will stay in a harmonious match.

Stockmar coloured pencils meet highest standards in terms of colour selection, materials and processing. They are produced by using the most modern requirements of health safety, environmental friendliness and sustainability in production.

Stockmar coloured pencils are distinguished by exceptionally luminous colours with a high proportion of pigment, a unique colour coordination system and a soft and powerful application of colour. 

The water-resistant colours as extra strong Mine (6.25 mm) enclosed with a wooden coat made of natural linden wood from sustainably managed forests (FSC certified).

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