Super Spinning Top

Camden Rose


Simply place the Super Spinning Top's wooden dowel in the holder and wind the cord with the birch bead handle. Give a tug and watch it spin.

Perfectly weighted, the Super Spinning Top achieves a precision aerodynamic balance. Spin with the fingertips or use the holder to get a smooth, long spin. The top easily spins for 3 minutes.

Comes unfinished; a child could use paint or markers to color them.

Dimensions: Launcher: 6.5" Long; Top: 2.75" in Diameter

About Camden Rose

Camden Rose specializes in USA made, quality products featuring silk, organic cotton and premium hardwoods. These natural materials impart a warm and honest quality that appeals to the senses. Solid cherry, maple and walnut hardwoods are favored for their durability and natural, beautiful colors. Built to last for generations with attention to detail, Camden Rose wooden products feature softened, round edges and simple designs. Camden Rose utilizes skilled American craftsmanship, thereby participating in the renaissance of great American manufacturing.


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