Mercurius Blackboard Pastel Chalk - 12 colours



Perfect tool for teachers, parents, and anyone who draws on chalkboards! These chalk produce vibrant colors and feel silky smooth on the board and on your hands. Recommended by Waldorf teachers!

The strong colour pigments in Mercurius blackboard chalk allow for luscious applications. The colours have a high coverage and are still easily blended on the board. The square-shaped chalk has a removable paper wrapper to stop colour from getting onto the fingers.

The colours follow the Stockmar colour range. Each chalk is 88x12x12 mm large.

Colours: 01 carmine red ¦ 02 vermilion ¦ 03 orange ¦ 04 golden yellow ¦ 05 lemon yellow ¦ 06 pale green ¦ 07 dark green ¦ 10 dark blue ¦ 12 red violet ¦ 13 red brown ¦ 19 cobalt blue ¦ 24 pale flesh

Made in Germany

About Mercurius

Together with its partners all over the world, Mercurius offers a complete, thoroughly tested range of products for the Waldorf schools and kindergartens that nurture the senses.

These products are for the practising of 7 arts - architecture, painting, sculpture, poetry, music, dance, social sculpture. The arts convey truths and insights which cannot be experienced scientifically. Each of the 7 arts conveys different insights and skills. As a whole they reflect and represent the creative forces of the cosmos.

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