Grammar Teaching

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Grammar Teaching
Why  What  When  How
by Brien Masters.

It would be rare if a class teacher within a Waldorf school allotted the full, 28-day main-lesson rhythm to the teaching of grammar, in any one class in the Lower School. The 'family' of main-lessons each year, other than grammar of the mother tongue, clamours to claim the precious time available and is so colourfully attractive that, by comparison, it can make grammar appear like a so-called country cousin: manners a bit gauche, dress decidedly out of fashion and the spectrum of conversation rather limited. Looked at from Rudolf Steiner's standpoint of child development, however, that country cousin has some of the family's noblest blood to offer the incarnating ego.

In this concise booklet, Dr Brien Masters, with his life-time's experience of teaching, teacher training and teacher education, presents the rationale behind Waldorf grammar teaching. En route, he constantly spills over into practical examples for the teacher to follow, or to use as a springboard for his/her own creativity.

Impelled by such an approach, and taught in a lively fashion, the less-than 28-days grammar main-lesson (should that be what it boils down to) can then comet its way through the mian-lessons and extra main-lessons that make up the enticing constellation of each year. Not only that, it will have important implications for foreign language teaching and for the foundations of literacy on which work in the Upper School can be securely built.

96 pages.
15 x 21 cms. Approximately 6 x 8 inches.

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