The Riddle Book - 100 riddles

Wynstones Press


by Jan Moncrieff

Illustrated by Nicki Holt

Lighter than the sun and wiser
Higher than the heavens
Known to be unknown
Felt but unfeelable
There - but where?
All in All

A dictionary definition of a riddle is:- A question, puzzle or verse so phrased that ingenuity is required for elucidation of the answer or meaning.

Riddles are fun. We enjoy them because we ourselves are a riddle. Life, the great mystery, can not be understood as science would have us believe, by looking into the component parts - though it can sharpen aspects under scrutiny. No, the secret way is to see the part yet feel the 'whole' at the same time - then a kind of magic takes place in our perception and that 'Ah' experience happens. Don't we all love that?

These riddles are intended for group fun and for all ages.

A beautifully produced book of 100 riddles, printed in blue with gold touchings on the illustrations by Nicki Holt.

Perfect as a gift.

128 pages.
Hardback with gold embossed dust jacket.
235 x 165 mm, 9 x 6 1/2 inches.

ISBN 9780946206803

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