The Lizard of Brokenpod

Wynstones Press


Written by Voirrey Palmer
Illustrated by Neville Palmer

A mysterious tragedy befalls a tribe of lizards, but there is a promise given by ancestors, whereby the secret which leads to a new beginning may be found. The Lizard of Brokenpod is the tale of a search for truth, a search to fulfil this Promise, it is a tale of reconciliation and it is a tale of the dangers and hazards which must be confronted if the lizards are to survive. Voirrey Palmer has written a very imaginative and moral tale, which is a thoroughly good read for both children and adults, from 10 - 12 years old and upwards.

80 pages.
Size 210 x 150 mm. 8 x 6 inches.
Black and white illustrations.
Sewn paperback.
Printed entirely on good quality recycled paper.

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