SumBlox Basic Set (47 pieces)


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SumBlox are an innovative way to develop math skills. 

Learning to count, add, subtract, multiply and much more is as simple as stacking building blocks. SumBlox are solid wood stacking number blocks designed to improve numeracy and make learning more accessible, more fun, and more exciting. They encourage both hand-eye coordination and improve motor skills. Smaller sets of SumBlox will introduce individual children to learning with SumBlox and larger sets allow exploration of more complex concepts, and further cooperation with other learners. There is endless potential to learn with building blocks, and the freedom to create something beautiful is confined only to your imagination!

A Basic Set of 47 Solid Hard Beech Wood SumBlox with 4 Activity Cards & Math Guide. The 47-block set is designed for 1 or 2 kids below age 6, learning simple arithmetic skills. 

The Basic Set includes:

  • 14 x single blocks
  • 1 x ten block
  • 4 of each  2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 blocks.

SumBlox building blocks help children learn a wide range of mathematical skills through play. With hands-on discovery, children explore new ideas for themselves. Simply build a tower to understand 3 x 3 = 9. Each block's size is reflective of its numerical value. Seeing the mathematical problems take physical shape helps the child significantly in understanding new ideas.

The Basic Set of SumBlox provides a good number of blocks to start working on different kinds of math problems with your children. 

Educators are describing SumBlox as one of the greatest learning tools available and a necessary addition to any fully equipped classroom for children ages 2 and up.

The Basic Set Package Size: 15"x14"x3"

A great accessory for Montessori or Waldorf classrooms. For more game ideas, see SumBlox's official Lessons page.

100% Natural Hard Wood Products - SumBlox are crafted from Artisan Quality Solid Beechwood. They are made to last a lifetime.

About SumBlox

SumBlox started as a small family business In 2012 in Texas, the United States.

As a voluntary math tutor at an elementary school then, David Skaggs (SumBlox - Inventor) was looking for something that would help his students envision numbers. Instead of countless rephrased math paper exercises, David created combinations of numbers with actual height value.  Through stacking those numbers in games, students can visualize math concepts and break down problems quickly - they're learning through playing! 

SumBlox partners with to contribute 1 tree for every basic set of SumBlox sold, 2 trees for every Educational Set, and 1 tree for every 2 Starter Sets. 



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