Rainbow Mother Alicorn Felted Wool Toy

Papoose Toys


A pegasus does not have a horn but it has wings around of applause for the pegasus. The difference between a unicorn and a pegasus is quite clear a unicorn has a horn which usually stores their magically powers while a pegasus can only fly with its gorgeous wings. Now unto the highest class of the three, the alicorn is the only one that has both a horn and wings.

Papoose products are safe for children as the natural materials are coloured with non-toxic dyes.

Designed in Australia while handmade in Nepal using fair trade and fair labour.

Material: 100% Wool

  • Wools is natural and renewable as it grows on sheep.
  • Wool is biodegradable.
  • Wool is non-allergenic and does not promote the growth of bacteria.

Care Instructions:

  • Papoose Felt is made from pure 100% wool and therefore cleaned similarly to wool.
  • For liquid spills, wool is naturally water repellent and if spills are dealt with immediately the wool won’t absorb much liquid.
  • Dab liquid up with damp cloth, repeat with clean damp cloth, let article dry.
  • DO NOT soak, machine wash or put anything in the drier. This will further felt the article and it will shrink and distort the item.
  • Stuffed toys will take a longer time to dry so make sure the items are fully dry before using them again. It is advised that they be surface cleaned rather than immersed completely in water.

Working with talented artisans, Papoose Toys® creates felt toys, decorations, and educational resources using only natural materials such as wool, cotton, and wood. The wool products are made under Fair Trade conditions. All this hard work and expertise allows us to bring you safe and wholesome products designed for a safe and happy play experience.

Renske Carbone, the founder of Papoose Toys®, draws on lifelong passions for textiles, craft, and travel to create these unique and original products. 

The toys are from wonderful Nepalese families who make these functional and beautiful products. From role play with food and puppets to counting and reading, children of all ages will learn, grow, and imagine. From thousands of miles away, it is always comforting to discover that children may be of different and diverse cultures but all seem to play the same way.

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