Choroi Pentatonic Wooden Flute 432Hz



Made of pear wood, this beautiful recorder is tuned to the pentatonic scale and is the ones used in Waldorf Schools around the world. Its simple design makes it easy for little hands to change notes by covering and uncovering the holes.

The Quinta Pentatonic Flutes were specially developed for young children age 4-6 to support their free-playing. The flutes are very convincing when played in a group: also with a larger class, the sound stays pleasant and soft.

These flutes are easy to play. In particular the labium without a tone block enables you to play with a relaxed mouth posture so your air is flowing free.

Materials: Pear wood
A= 432 Hz
6 finger holes, range: d''-e''-g''-a''-b''-d'''-e'''

Accessories: wooden cleaning swab, cotton flute bag, manual

Made in Sweden

About Choroi

For more than 50 years, Choroi-musicians, teachers, therapists, instrument makers and co-workers developed innovative music instruments which can lead to new experiences. On one hand they are designed for a heightened listening perception. One becomes aware of a more subtle sound quality, of the materials from which they are made and of the space in which they resound. On the other hand, Choroi is developing instruments which are easy to manage and to play for everyone, adults and children. With Choroi instruments, music-making becomes infinite, which is especially important for the healthy development of children.

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