From Kindergarten onto the Grades: Insights from Rudolf Steiner

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Edited by Ruth Ker 

    Helps parents and teachers understand Steiner's words on the transition from kindergarten to school, giving context to this challenging time.

      The transition from kindergarten to school is significant, and can be challenging for many children and their parents and teachers.

      This collection of selected excerpts from Rudolf Steiner’s writings and lectures offers insights into the great transformation that takes place in children around the time of the change of teeth, as they make the step from kindergarten to school. Prepared as study material for the inter- national Waldorf educators’ conference taking place in Dornach, Switzerland in 2015, it will serve as an important resource for early childhood educators and their colleagues in the grade school, who must work together to understand and support children as they go through this second “birth.”

      This is a companion volume to Ruth Ker's bestselling You're Not the Boss of Me!: Understanding the Six/Seven Year-Old Transformation.

      About the Author

      Ruth Ker is a mother of two grown children who have been educated in the Waldorf school that she has pioneered on Vancouver Island, in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada. She has been a teacher of early childhood education for over thirty years, first in mainstream education and then at Sunrise Waldorf School. She is a member of the WECAN board and is the author of You're Not the Boss Of Me!: Understanding the Six/Seven Year Old Transformation


      Publisher: WECAN (Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America)
      Pages: 96 pages
      Size: 234 x 156 mm
      Format: Paperback
      ISBN: 9781936849239
      Publication date: 2014-07-30

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