On the Play of the Child

English books


Selected and edited by Freya Jaffke

This is a combined edition of two resources that came into being just before and after the international gathering of Waldorf early childhood educators in Dornach, Switzerland in 2005. On the Play of the Child was compiled by Freya Jaffke from the works of Rudolf Steiner to serve as study material for the conference. To this new edition five lectures from the 2005 conference have been added, on the theme of Playing, Learning, Meeting the Other.


About the Author

Freya Jaffke was born in 1937. She worked at Reutlingen kindergarten in Germany for many years and now lectures throughout the world in teacher training colleges. She is the author of fourteen books on children's play and development and has sold over a quarter of a million copies worldwide.


Publisher: Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America
Pages: 140 pages
Size: 230mm x 143mm x 9mm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781936849178
Publication date: 2012/09/29

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