The Well Balanced Child

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By Sally Goddard Blythe 

The Well Balanced Child is a passionate manifesto for a “whole body” approach to learning which integrates the brain, senses, movement and play. This fully revised edition includes a new chapter with a story and movement exercise that parents can use to help children reach their potential.

This practical, inspirational resource will help parents and educators to understand:

  • why movement matters
  • how music helps brain development
  • the role of nutrition, the brain and child growth
  • how to help children with learning and behaviour problems
  • Early Morning by the Pond – exercises and movements with children


Goddard Blythe’s recommendations include music and singing, reading, conversation, optimum nutrition and family meals. In fact, she concludes, the classic Enid Blyton childhood, with country picnics, nursery rhymes and cod-liver oil, had an awful lot going for it.
The Times
A strong book with important messages about early years learning.
The Teacher
A magnificently titled and highly informative book skillfully written by a dedicated therapist.
Harold Levinson, MD; Director, Levinson Medical Centre for Learning Disabilities


About the Author

Sally Goddard Blythe is Director of the Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology in Chester, which researches the effects of neurological dysfunction in children with learning difficulties and devises effective learning programmes. She researches, consults and advises schools, parents and professionals. She is the author of A Teacher’s Window in the Child’s Mind, Reflexes, Learning and Behaviour, What Babies and Children Really Need and numerous professional papers.

Publisher: Hawthorn Press
Pages: 280
Size: 21x13.9cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781903458631
Publication date: 2006/03/01

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