Waldorf Schools, Vol. 1: Kindergarten and lower classes

Wynstones Press


Selected and edited by Ruth Pusch, with an introduction by Betty Staley

33 articles from Education as an Art, bulletin of the Waldorf Schools of North America.

This volume focuses on the early grades. Written by Waldorf education pioneers - WIlliam Harrer, Al Laney, Christy and Henry Barnes, Marjorie Spock, Gisela O'Neil, John Gardner and others - this anthology deals with subjects like the effect of Waldorf education on home life; what do we mean by education as an art?; the moral education of young children; the role of the teacher; work with underprivileged children.

"Opening the pages of this book is like having a rich and inspiring Waldorf conference in your living room..." wrote one reader. It's likely that many of your questions about Waldorf education will be addressed in this book!

Publisher: Mercury Press
Pages: 220
Size: 22x14cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780929979298
Publication date: 1993

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