A Year Round The Great Oak

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By Gerda Muller

  • Celebrate the seasons with this beautiful book from Gerda Muller.
  • Soft, detailed illustrations depict wildlife in the forest through the changing seasons
  • Children will love to spot the wildlife in the forest!

Benjamin and Anna love staying with their cousin Robin in his house near the forest. In the autumn, Robin takes them to see his favourite tree -- a giant oak that is 300 years old. The children build a den under the oak tree's giant branches and watch the squirrels hide acorns in its wide trunk.

In the winter they ski through the forest and meet the foresters who chose which trees will become firewood this year -- but not their beautiful oak tree!

In the spring the children go searching for badgers and see many animals that live in the forest -- nesting birds, gentle deer and shy rabbits. One night, the tree helps Benjamin when he discovers a creature he didn't expect. How can the children say thank you? 


About the Author

Gerda Muller was born in 1926 in Naarden, Holland. She attended the Fine Arts School of Amsterdam and later on, Ecole Estienne of Paris. She illustrated over 120 books for children and worked with many publishers. Her books have been translated in many languages.

Her other works:

Publisher: Floris Books
Pages: 32
Size: 288 x 220 mm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780863159466
Publication date: 2013/01/10

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