Wooden Yo-Yo

Mercurius China


Classic wooden yo-yo - no fancy plastic pieces, lights or sounds. 

The first historical mention of the yo-yo was from Greece in the year 500 B.C. These ancient toys were made out of wood, metal, or painted terra cotta disks and called just that, a disk. Historical records also indicate that 16th century hunters in the Philippines hid in trees and used a rock tied to a long cord, up to 20 feet in length, to throw at wild animals beneath them. The weapon was yo-yo-like because the hunters needed to be able to pull the rock back up so it could be used for multiple attempts at their prey. Then in 1916, the Scientific American Supplement published an article titled Filipino Toys, which showed a weighted disk with a string. The magazine gave the toy the "official" name yo-yo which was the Filipino word for come-come or to return.

Size: 5.5cm diameter

This yo-yo features a movable axle. Parents or teachers may tie a knot with the string to fix the axle for younger children to make spinning easier.  The string may also be shortened depending on the height and skills of the child.

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