Yuantai Bamboo ToothBrush



Bring bamboo back into our lives and let us grow roots into the earth again. Embrace nature - and reduce the use of plastic.

  • Using moso bamboo native to Taiwan. No bleaching, no smoking, no preservatives.
  • Finished with flaxseed oil + beeswax
  • Bamboo handle is naturally resistant to bacteria
  • Soft and small head makes it easier to reach deeper corners of our mouth

Local news report on how these toothbrushes help to renew an old town

Adults Size: 18 cm long x 1.2 cm wide

Kids Size: 15 cm long x 1.2 cm wide
Made in Taiwan

Why choose bamboo toothbrushes?

Every toothbrush that spends several months with us becomes plastic trash that takes hundreds of years to disintegrate, releasing large amounts of toxins into our environment.

What are Yuantai bamboo tooth brushes made of?

The bamboo handle is made from 3-5 years old moso bamboo, which is native to Taiwan. The bamboo is processed by steaming with water (no bleaching or smoking with sulphur) and finished with flaxseed oil and beeswax. It does not mold easily in a well-circulated environment.

Choose from nylon or horsehair bristles. Horsehair was obtained without harm to the horses.

Do bamboo toothbrushes expire?

Unused bamboo toothbrushes can stay fresh for many years. But given the wet climate of Asia, we have attached an expiration date to remind you to use it ASAP. As long as there is no black mold on the bamboo handle, a toothbrush remains usable even past the expiration date.

How to store unused bamboo toothbrushes?

Please place them in a dry and well-circulated place. You may also place them next to dehydrating charcoal.

During the wet seasons, two kinds of mold might appear:

  • White or green mold - These molds are not harmful to humans. Just wash the molds off, put the toothbrush under direct sunlight for a few hours, and apply edible oil as the new finish. When the oil is thoroughly absorbed, you may put the toothbrush away for later use.
  • Black mold - These molds are harmful to humans. If the handle has turned black in places, please do not use it any more.

How to maintain a toothbrush in use?

Bamboo toothbrushes must be kept dry. Please do not leave it in a cup - water droplets inevitably collect at the bottom of a cup, which means the toothbrush would be soaked in water.

The best way is to leave the toothbrush bristles down on top of a cup. This way the toothbrush to air ratio is maximized. We suggest the same for toothbrushes made of any material.

A bamboo toothbrush may serve as the "canary" in the bathroom. Even if you do not observe mold on the plastic items, it doesn't mean that the bathroom is dry. If you've modified the way it is stored, and yet the toothbrush still turns black, that means the bathroom needs a stronger measure to improve circulation. If that is not possible, please keep your toothbrush out of the bathroom when not in use.

How often should I use the toothbrush?

Dentists usually suggest using the same toothbrush for 3 months. It depends on your actual usage. If it is not 3 months yet, but the bristles are already splitting or the handle turns black, please discard and use a new one.

Brushing correctly with proper force, and making sure that no bits of food remain in the bristles would be very helpful in keeping your toothbrush fresh and long-lasting.

How to discard a bamboo toothbrush past its prime?

A used bamboo toothbrush makes a great home cleaning tool! Brushing off dust in small gaps, cleaning bathroom tiles, cleaning camera lenses - you'll find many more uses.

If the brush is far beyond any use, families that compost may pull off the nylon bristles and leave the handle in the composting pile. Otherwise, please discard the toothbrush like your regular trash - bamboo toothbrushes do not give off toxic gas when incinerated.

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