Baby C



Set content

  • 10 colored building blocks
    2 large rectangle
    4 small square
    2 small round
    2 small triangle
  • Comes in a sturdy cotton bag

Cork Building Blocks are ...

bright and brainy
soft and silent
stable and safe
light and lovely

Cork, with its pleasant smell and texture, is an ideal material for complementing a healthy, happy play environment. It is a natural material free of any harmful contaminants and cork provides excellent stability without slippage.

KORXX blocks are minimalistic, aesthetic, and elegant play elements, safe and ideal for even the smallest of children.


We love wooden toys and wooden blocks! However, they can be rather heavy. KORXX is still natural and solidly crafted while also has the advantage of being more portable.

The high-friction surface of KORXX allows children to build constructions that are seemingly impossible. Because of this, constructions succeed and generate many happy, satisfying moments. Testing and learning is encouraged with less failure and frustration.

KORXX is made out of granulated natural cork, which is impermeable, lightweight, free of toxins, and harvested as a renewable material in a sustainable forest economy.

KORXX products are very durable, with a long lifespan and are recyclable.

Why play with blocks?

Children are free to build just about anything they could imagine such as houses, castles, zoos, parking garages, towers, pyramids, and walls .

KORXX blocks promote the development of fine motor skills while at the same time providing a forgiving experience when a structure isn’t sound.

Blocks also help promote:

  • motor skills and hand-eye coordination,
  • spatial skills,
  • social skills, and
  • language skills.


With creativity and responsibility, the Kuch family has worked with quality wood and natural products for many generations (since 1887).

Sven Kuch grew up in this old carpenter family and used to play with cork blocks in the old manufacture when he was a child. He'd build enormous towers that would astound even the adults. After becoming a father, he thought a lot more about how man's impact on the earth and how a child should engage with nature. One day, he told his wife Patricia of his childhood play and showed her these blocks. Through a creative process, she and her family reinvented building blocks with cork and came up with the incredible KORXX building blocks.

All KORXX blocks are made in EU.

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