KISSBalm Tinted Nourish

Coconut Matter

HK$135.00 HK$108.00
  • An intense moisturising balm in a pinkish neutral shade, CORAL is the perfect colour to combat a washed-out complexion. A beautiful subtle hint of color when applied to your lips, it also doubles as a highlighter or matte lipstick booster.
  • An intense moisturising balm the colour of sheer, vibrant orange with a red undertone. PERSIMMON is the perfect way to transition into full-on orange. A beautiful subtle hint of color when applied to your lips it doubles as a colourful blush.
  • An intense moisturising balm that is the ultimate rose tone for the fair-skinned. SPARKS can also be used as a flattering cheek tint.
  • An intense moisturising balm in a vibrant pink shade, suitable for all skin tones and types. SMOOCH gives a beautiful subtle hint of colour when applied to your lips and doubles as a blush.

Our uniquely designed Eco Pushup tube is plastic free. A wonderful lightweight addition to any purse or pocket. Made from paper cardboard, its compostable packaging is good for the environment.

Benefits of KissBalm

We use lip balm to keep our lips feeling great and our smile looking bright everyday. The skin on our lips is more prone to irritation than the skin on any other part of our body. We also inevitably lick or eat quite a bit of our lip care products. Commercial lip care products may contain ingredients that cause irritation such as petroleum jelly, artificial colours, preservatives, synthetic fragrances or other harmful chemicals.

Our six natural edible ingredients have been carefully chosen to soften, moisturise and protect your lips. The WILD organic virgin Coconut Oil is both edible and, thanks to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, it keeps lips healthy and protects them from environmental pollution and toxins. Combined with Fair Trade unrefined raw Shea Butter, pure Grape-seed Oil, organic Castor Oil, vegan Candelilla Wax and natural minerals to create a beautifully tinted lip balm which is both deeply nourishing and hydrating as well as delivering a smooth and rich colour to your lips all day long.

About Coconut Matter

Our business foundation is to inspire a lifestyle of well-being and sustainability. We choose to only work with fairtrade farmers, so that we can share pure and organically made coconut matter with you.

co·co·nut ˈkōkəˌnət/
n. the seed of a tropical palm, which grows in abundance all year round – a renewable, versatile natural resource that is a lifesource for many communities.

mat·ter ˈmadər/
n. the substance of which any physical object is composed.
v. to be important or significant.

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